Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just testing out my new Picasa account. I don't know. Phones and computers think they're so smart these days, but I'm ready to strangle my new android phone because it keeps pulling everyone who's ever been copied or bccd on any email message that's ever come across my inbox, and it's putting them into my contact list. I never said I wanted a personal assistant, and now I've got an overzealous one and my relationship with my photos and information has just gotten crazy chaotic.

I'm gonna move to the country.

Anyway, we got this new lamp for $5 from our friend Sarah's garage sale this weekend. I think it goes just perfectly in our living room, don't you?

Update: Yeah, Picasa uploader didn't work so great. It right justified the picture and then made the text wrap around it so you were getting about 3 words per line. Again, thanks but no thanks, Google. You may be smart but you're not that smart yet.