Sunday, April 24, 2011


I like living in the city. It's convenient and all. But I feel like I will not be truly happy and relaxed until I have a garden. I need to nurture something. I miss having sunlight and lots of plants to prune. I need these zen activities to feel 100% okay. A break from windshields and computer screens.

Not to mention, tomatoes from the grocery store are terrible. I want to make my own.

I guess a birdbath wouldn't be a bad idea either. I spent 30 minutes watching videos of finches on youtube today.

But for a number of reasons, in the city we stay for at least 5 more years. Until then I'll supplement my life with planter boxes on my wooden deck three stories up. I think I can do better with the boxes this year. I can also make an effort to get home earlier to water them before Zach beats me to it. Maybe that's the problem. I don't think he understands he'd actually be doing me a favor by LEAVING them for me to take care of. New approach. I'll have to bring it up to him.

I forget when it's okay to plant pansies. Is it okay yet? Too early? Is it going to snow again?