Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dude, it's done already

I'm drafting my first condo association annual budget letter as Treasurer and I'm totally over thinking it.  I feel like my life is a constant struggle to find balance between "good organized" and "embarrassingly anal."  

This year I learned that I have a form of ADD which tends to manifest itself in Rainman-like bouts of hyper-focus.   And, I guess in certain situations is pretty useful even if it can come off as weird and obsessive.  If you want something done and you don't want anything to fall through the cracks, give it to me and rest easy.  But for your own sanity, never EVER pick me as a partner if you just want to plan a birthday party.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I get to see some family tomorrow and I like that.  Even if we're only to get together for a memorial service.   It's nice with new extended family there.

Need to take a break.  A reality check.  Because all I do is work these days.  Really.  It's not right.  And I feel like I'll fail if I stop.   There's got to be better ways to do this.

I need to get back on that bucket list.   Where can I find a baby pig to hold?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Remember the first phone cameras?

Zach's new iphone takes nice pictures.   And I'm kind of jealous of that.

Technology has come so far in the past decade.  The newer version of my current phone takes videos in 3D.  Not that I have a use for that, but it just has me wondering what's going to be available in another 10 years.  I hope they figure out how to transmit smells.  THAT would be useful.

Man I am so lazy this Saturday.  This is supposed to be the time when I get everything done.  But all I can seem to do is lay around reading car blogs.

I need to tame my new car fever.  I absolutely don't need a new car right now.  I might need a brake job, but NOT a new car.  Paco is fine.  He's definitely getting up there in miles, but he's paid for.  I need to..   but...  all this new technology.  The new versions of Paco have bluetooth & backup cameras & dual climate control....    And, okay okay I honestly don't need any of that crap either.  

Ugh.  I feel so ashamed when I get caught up in consumerism.  I need to go camping in the woods or something.  I need to remember to keep it real.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

That sounds jerky.  All people are important.  It's just that most people... I know I'm not truly that important to them.   And so it was cool to not be bothered by them and a barage of  empty birthday greetings.  Surprisingly cool.    Narrowing down my pool of contacts from quantity to quality has been nicer than I'd expected.  Not being on facebook has been way nicer than expected.  So it goes...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This was a pretty good birthday.   Really only heard from people who are important to me and that made things feel more sincere.

I can't believe I'm 34 now.  This is the first time I've ever felt panic about my age.   It's silly.  I hope I get over that soon.  If all goes right I have plenty of time left.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter

Good Friday is about the only day of the year that I have off work that Zach does not.  Usually I hang out at home with the dog.   Sometimes we go visit Zach at work.   This year I walked around the neighborhood a little and went to get falafil.  It's weird to see what the world does during the day when you're at work.  

2 years ago I took a picture pretty much exactly like this of Fannie.  My little Good Friday lamb.   I can't seem to find that picture now.  It's probably locked up in my old facebook account.  This reminds me I need to organize & back up files & pictures.  Or some day I'll regret it.

Look what I made this morning:
Horseradish & black pepper deviled eggs for the annual potluck at Dawns.   Fancy!

Also, my brother mailed me a Cadbury Egg.   Another sort of tradition...