Monday, November 29, 2010


They recarpeted part of the office at work over the holiday and it smells fabulous. You know that new carpet smell? I remember going to carpet stores as a kid and oh man, all I ever wanted was to be let loose to play king of the mountain among those rolls and rolls set up like giant colorful log pyramids.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goldfish brain.

I swear, I have the stupids today. And yesterday apparently.

Multiple times today I either called people to ask them the same questions twice, or just blanked on a conversation and told someone I didn't have an answer that, yes, I had been given. At about noon today a vendor called me and I got so excited, thinking "Whoa, he must be psychic - I actually need something from him! How did he know I needed to talk to him?" When I picked up the phone he said "Hey so I got the email you just sent me....." ??? How can I forget sending an email I had sent WITHIN THE HOUR? Seriously. Embarrassing.

And then it continues into the night.

I'm at home now. I just sat down to write an email to a friend to invite her over this weekend and when I filed through the gmail message threads, would you look at that - less than 24 hours ago I sent her a note just like the one I was drafting in my head. Thank God for email threads or I would've made yet another ass of myself.

: (

Either I'm too busy or I have some other issue. I'm too young for Alzheimer's, right?

I hope I only fed the dog once tonight.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hello blog. I miss you. The internet has changed. It stuffs my brain with short snippits of information multiple times a day now. I'm consuming more and receiving less nutritional value. I miss the solitude and quiet of simple information gathering on the internet a la 1998. Diaryland. Articles. Message boards that get updated only twice a day. With no flashing banner ads. Affording for time to think and absorb.

The solution is simple, I know: Choose the sites you visit differently.

Starting now, I'm going to start collection actual active blogs to add to my bookmarks. Blogs of people I truly care about. Blogs on subject matters that inspire me. Crafting blogs. Blogs of moms of newly adopted babies. Pages on the design aesthetics and user interfaces of automobile dashboards. You know. Things I actually care about.

And I'm gonna take a little break from facebook. Not talking facebook suicide. That's unnecessary in 99.9% of all cases. I think I need to just, you know, not visit for a while.

Facebook is fun. I like being able to keep up on folks while being ultimately lazy. I like living vicariously through other people's photos of their halloween parties and vacations and all that. But I feel all this has got me losing sight of the life I'm actually living. And the people and things that are within arm's reach. And it's got me losing sight of the life I want to live. With the hours I spend each week reading about the mundane things 247 other people are up to, I could be, oh I don't know. Doing stuff.

That said, I'm going to go head out to the fabric store for an A line skirt pattern.