Monday, July 16, 2012


Oh my God that was totally not bad.  She didn't make me run.  She didn't make me move fast.  We didn't even use any weights.  Just big bands & rubber balls.  I thought we were warming up the whole time, thinking "When is she gonna make me run?  When do I have to run?"   And just like that, it was over.   I'll probably be sore tomorrow.  I know I worked hard but I didn't even notice it happening.  Success.  I did it.  I am no longer afraid of personal trainers.

That has been on my to do list for so many years. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Busy doing stuff

Hello.   I'm still here.  I haven't been a super good blogger but I guess that's just because I'm focusing more on doing stuff than thinking about doing it.  Maybe?  See when Zach and I were on vacation this Spring he brought up a really good point.  As we were kayaking in the ocean he said "I wish we did more of this stuff in real life."  Duh!  He's totally right.  We have so much fun on vacation.  We do stuff.  Why don't we do stuff at home?  Lots of people come to Chicago to do stuff.  Who says we have to resign ourselves to working, commuting & sitting on our asses watching the Soup at night?

So I signed us up for some stuff (I just wrote the word stuff a lot!).

This week we did THIS.  It was pretty great if you could look past the garbage floating past you in the River.  I totally recommend it.

NEXT I have to schedule our segue tour downtown. Yeah I'm just gonna own that.  I bought 2 tickets through Groupon, so we're committed.  I have to fully recognize that I'm beyond the point of ever being cool like Fonzie in this lifetime.

Just ride the damn segue.  If you happen to see someone you know, waive.

AND we joined a gym.  Monday I have my first appointment with a trainer and I'm terrified.  Maybe it will be helpful for me to think this through for a sec to identify exactly what I'm afraid of...   I guess it's a few things:
  1. Looking like a fool.  I am super uncoordinated.  Phys Ed was always just horribly humiliating for me and I don't want to go back to that dark place.  I'm afraid she's going to make me run.  I run like a retard.  I'm sure of it.  There will be people around who will see me.   This is going to be horrible.   
  2. My legs itch when I run. It's unbearable. I can't get past that. Can I?
  3. I'm afraid I'm going to knock my teeth out.  I don't know how but it could happen.  Especially since I'm uncoordinated.  I would find a way.   My shoelace will get caught in the treadmill.  Or my feet will slip off of some lever on a resistance machine.  I could easily knock my teeth out.
  4. I'm afraid she's actually gonna make me work hard.   I go to the gym because it's fun.  I stretch myself a little and I get sweaty, then I get clean and feel self righteous.  There's a threshold where fun becomes not fun.  And I have a pretty low tolerance for ...oh I guess anything.  I'm super lazy.  Lifting heavy stuff until you are shaking is not my idea of fun.  How can I psych myself up to think this is fun? Any advice is appreciated.

And tomorrow morning we are going to the Chinatown Fair!   10am baby contest!  I cannot wait to see a baby contest in Chinatown!  Wtf is a baby contest anyhow?!  Whatever it is I'm so excited.

So, you know, I see I still have some areas for improvement.  But I'm putting myself outside that comfort zone and that's a start.  A few years back I bought an old wooden wall hanging at a thrift store that reads "May you live... all the days of your life."   I like that idea.  I'm not totally there yet but I'm making an effort.  

I hope you're having a good & engaging summer as well.