Monday, November 23, 2009

Working long hours. Both of us are. Haven't taken time to go grocery shopping. I am so hungry right now I swear there are little burritos and crunchwrap supremes with wings circling my head. Only being home for 2 hrs before bedtime is the pits. Not having a car is the pits.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am home alone in the new house for the very first time right now. It's a strange feeling. Like maybe I should check to see that someone isn't hiding upstairs. The dog isn't even here. She's still in Michigan with Gramma because we haven't had time to drive back to get her after our own vacation last weekend. We really really need a local dog sitter.

I'm stinking up the place with a sauteed cabbage thing I'm cooking. And I'm so allergic to raw vegetables these days that my hands are swollen and itchy from chopping up the cabbage. I really got screwed with these food allergies. Know what I especially miss? Banana bread.

NPR is playing some great stories and interviews for veterans day. Interviews with Navajo code talkers and things.

God I can't get this dishwasher thing right. I just forgot and washed all my cooking dishes by hand.