Friday, June 27, 2008

Smoove Sailing

I rode my bike to the metra this morning. Bright and early. There is almost no one out driving at 6am. Odd. Just me and the birds. And the scurrying rats. But the lack of traffic won't convince me to ride on the main streets. Heck no. It's strictly up and down the tree-lined side streets for me. And that's a pretty nice start to the day.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

tick tock

Got some serious ants in my pants today. Can't wait to get on the bus... to the train.. So that I can sew or take a nap... . and then get home to me bebes.... and see my bike now that they've spent the day fixing it up for me! And take it to the happy village over yonder..... For it is really late June already!

It's already Thursday

This is great. I have sweet potato chips from the cafeteria. As in potato chips made of sweet potatoes. Despite the fact that my productivity level is low today, I'd say things are currently pretty good.

I never thought it could happen to me

Oh no. I've suddenly got iPhone fever. Make it stop!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm tired of the whining. But maybe I'm part of a minority. To quote members of that minority
"Everyone seems to think it's their God-given right to have $3/gallon of gas."
And another:
"This is not a renewable resource. People pay more for Pepsi and you don't hear them complaining about that."

But I suppose whining about whining isn't going to further anything. And whining about anything is not going to stop the churn of supply and demand.

I was curious and did a google search to look at some relational charts. I don't remember what the price was when I was in high school, but I do remember stopping once to put 87 cents in my tank in hopes of getting home. Ah to be young and carefree and relatively stupid.

Oh, heres a chart of a dude's gas purchase prices over the course of my lifetime:

And the dude's little page here:

I have to go to a meeting now. Later.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I always just want to go back to bed.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Man. I'm in a really great mood.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New couch is here. It's nice, but weird. I have a problem with buyer's remorse. Always. When I got home I sat down on it for a few minutes and then got up and began moving all the furniture around to try to make things look more "correct."

After a while of that, I decided I was too stressed and needed to take a break. After said break, we came back and put everything right back where it was when we started.

I suppose I just have a hard time jumping with both feet. Or maybe it's that my feet take longer than usual to warm up.

When I bought my television I hemmed and hawed about it for weeks and even kept the box it came in, before I realized it'd be too much work to take it down the stairs and back to the store if I did change my mind.

Even when we first got Fannie I remember looking at the animal in the back seat of the car on the ride back into the city, thinking "....did I make the right decision?"

Don't ever tell her that though.

And in time, I've grown to love my television and my shit-poo. At this point I couldn't imagine having any other dog but her.

And in time, I suppose I'll get used to this couch.

There really is nothing wrong with it.

It's just... different.


Monday, June 16, 2008

My boss's little girl's name is Camden Marshall. That's a really fantastic name, I think. As a whole it sounds so official. So important. Like someone who should be part of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Yet good for a little girl. If not a little yuppie. There's a picture of her on his desk. She's wearing a tap costume with lots of dark feathers and fuzz. I believe she's supposed to be the lion from the Wizard of Oz. In meetings I stare past him at the framed picture of this little girl with wiskers. I swear I would squeeze her. Is this inappropriate? I hope not.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Okay okay. Lions. Not tigers. Tiger have stripes. Anyhow, they're in a cute sleeping position right now. You can tell momma feels confident and safe in captivity.

We have no couch. Two girls came and took stay puft away last week. We thought it would be kind of fun to camp out in our living room with no couch for a while. But as an actual practice, it sucks. It's made for a tough weekend for staying awake. I get tired of sitting indian style on the floor in front of the television and go lay down on the bed to read a book and ....zzzzzz....

I've taken so many accidental naps this weekend.

Look! One of the bebes has crawled up onto momma's tummy and is trying to nurse:

Bath time! Bath time! Bath time!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I need to show you the most magical thing I've found on the internet in forevers:

a live web cam of a momma tigger and her four cubs.

I realize these animals sleep on an average of 20 hours per day, but sometimes I find it relaxing to tune in and just watch momma's giant ribcage expand and contract as she breathes. Every so often you'll see a little nobby head move. This morning I was lucky enough to catch bath time.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

nonono. okay. here are some things to be happy about today:

- They're remodeling the grocery store. The new fridges look nice.

- Sister in law left the toaster oven on all day by accident and it didn't burn our house down. Hooray. We still have a home and a pup!

- New couch in 6 days.

- My boyfriend doesn't have man boobs.

- I can go to bed right now. No one can stop me.
Okay. Okay okay. It's 9:30pm and I'm at home on the couch with my boo on one side and the pup on the other. I'm full of hummus and celery and tomatoes (it's predictable that in this tomato crisis, all I want is tomatoes) and it's safe to say I'm in a slightly better mood.

But still. Meh. Only slightly.

We've been zombie tired since we've come back from Michigan this weekend. I'm gonna try protein. I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some things with protein in them. ... My nutritional knowledge is embarrassingly crappy. I got protein water. I mean, among other stuff.

I think I'm going to go crawl into bed and wait for tomorrow to come. It's inevitably going to be better than today was.
I am in an extremely foul mood. I hate workplace gossip. I hate complaining coworkers. I hate passive agressive behavior. I hate it when people don't ask you questions, but rather copy your boss and theirs on an accusatory EMAIL. And I hate being falsely accused.

Fortunately you can always reply all with a one sentence statement that will make them look like the ass they really are.

I'm too nice. I've been told that a few times. I don't think I need to be that way any more.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We're trying to sell our couch on craigslist, and some dude just tried to scam us somehow by offering to mail me a money order, THEN coming to pick up the couch after I've received my payment. Um. Even if it was a fake money order, exactly how would he pull that off? I'm thinking dude must be a moron. Still, I feel violated when someone tries to pull the wool on me.

Here's something else to be crabby about:

The next week appears to be steamin. Like a big turd. Even if I wanted to put the dang couch out on the sidewalk with a FREE sign, I'm not sure this weather would permit.

Tick tock. Two more hours to go today. Excited to go to the library and pick out some audio books for our drive to Michigan this weekend.
Need a vacation. Feeling stifled. Action packed three day weekend in 28 hours. Work hard to keep my mind occupied until then.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I just dumped 8 lbs of kibble all over our kitchen table. Fannie is pumped.

Last night we saw a baby bunny in the urban prairie next door. He looked a little like this, but not quite as tiny and cute. Nor as sociable.