Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today is a beautiful Saturday. I've got so much to do before 6:00 but I've got a raging headache that is keeping my head stuck to the couch. Come on come on come ON!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today is moving slooooowwly. I have lots of energy right now and I'm hoping it's not fleeting because I have a good amount of time scheduled for the gym tonight. I'd like to expend it there rather than by spinning in my chair.

Hi Mom. I hope you are enjoying your mental health day today.
Sometimes it feels good to tweak a color on your blog. For some reason. It's like getting new shoes. You forget for a while and then "aha! that's different..."
Overhearing Marketing people strategizing on my floor makes me want to barf a little. They're currently debating whether the phrase "the best" brings enough excitement into their campaign. I'm so glad it isn't my job to try and make garbage bags exciting. Know what would make garbage bags exciting? Ones that would take themsleves out to the alley when they were full. Incorporate some intelligence into them. That's what would be exciting. Naoko said it right: "Taking out the garbage is for suckers." Marketing it might be as well.

So glad my job is fact-based.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I walked home from downtown last night and now my feets are too swollen for my high heels. : |
I hate David Blaine. Seriously. What an idiot.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sorry I haven't been a bloggin' lately. For the past three weeks I've been pretty involved with this fitness/weight loss community website and it requires that I do some bloggin' there as well, so... So you know, I'm spread a little thin on this interweb.

But it's really fun. So it's not like I've been in pain or anything. I'm learning a lot too. FYI - today I had 70 grams of protein and 32 grams of fat. Yesterday was 77 and 26 respectively. That's below the daily recommendation for fat, and is a bad idea unless I want to end up feeling like crap.

Oh, speaking of feeling like crap - anyone who's ever shared a house or apartment with me can tell you that I have issues when it comes to sleeping. Really just issues when it comes to waking up. That's the big issue.

So today I went to an actual sleep specialist per recommendation of my doctor. For the past three weeks in prep for this appointment we've been logging my sleep. Turns out I average 10 hours per night. That's totally unfortunate if I ever want to have a social life or children. Anyhow, despite these 10 hour nights, I've got four alarms that I tend to ignore for about four hours on average. I've been physically pulled out of bed and will fall asleep in the middle of the bedroom floor. I will turn off all four alarms without remembering. I have conversations on the telephone without remembering. It's just disastrous. Maybe some day even dangerous.

Anyhow, Doctor today diagnosed me with idiosyncratic hypersomnia, confused arousal, and extreme sleep inertia.

Awesome. So I can maybe use one of those three as an excuse the next time I don't wake up in time for work?

In October I have to go in for a 24 hour study in which they hook wires and suction cups to me and tell me to sporadically take naps. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Typing with wet nails. Watching an episode of Mad Men. Got a feeling life would be a lot better if I were to dress up more often as if it were halloween. I mean, maybe in the office I could only get away with minor time periods, or a subliminal peacock here and there... but.


Today was just... such... another day.

camera obscura save me from inappropriate outbursts

ants555ants: i'm having a hard time holding my temper today.
ants555ants: i have cute music blasting in my headphones to try to counteract my bad attitude.
orinbnork: hehe
ants555ants: someone has a candy dish out on the cabinet by my cube
ants555ants: my back is to it
ants555ants: and all day
ants555ants: every day
ants555ants: i hear people rummaging through it, looking for a particular kind of candy
orinbnork: that sucks
ants555ants: and I want to turn around and cuss them out for being so annoying and piggy
ants555ants: like "just effing take one!"
orinbnork: why don't you hide the dish?
ants555ants: because it's walt's dish
ants555ants: he refills it every morning
orinbnork: you should start eating all of the candy every morning
Man I am so freaking crabby with people today! Being out of the office for a few days leads you to forget how to shut things out. I need an aquarium at my desk. Or something.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today was a good mental health day. We got breakfast and read papers and went into shops, took naps and cleaned up the house. Think I've found an allergy medicine that will work for this year's hay fever and I can breathe again. Ate way too many cheetos tonight. Otherwise, I feel good things are coming.

Friday, September 5, 2008

What kind of leaf is this? I found it in one of the community gardens in the neighborhood this morning. It's a little larger than a quarter. I kind of love it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Moms, please excuse the f bomb. This was too funny to not redistribute:

Really glad to have come in to that in my work inbox. I'm sitting at my desk but I believe I might actually be sleep walking. Sleep working. I've been having issues with sleep lately most of my life. It's incredibly hard to change states. From wake to sleep. Sleep to awake. The result is either eleven hours of sleep or four hours of sleep. Every part of my body hurts this morning.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Back in town from Michigan where we were helping pull some things together for Z's grandma's memorial service on Thursday. Sorting through undated photos and dated letters, newspaper clippings and dance cards got me to thinking I should make a more conscious effort to organize and document my own life. This evening I pulled out dusty folders and boxes. Flipped through letters and cards. Drawings. Photos. Nothing is sequential. Nothing is dated. Everything has multiple homes. A millipede ran out from under one of the piles. Shortly after that I packed everything back into folders and boxes and put them back where I found them. My conclusion: I've done a better job of holding on to correspondence from family members than I thought I have. Didn't do as good a job as I could have. Did a poor job of holding on to important letters from important friends. And I am still disorganized. Another day. I'd like, at least, for everything to eventually be in one place. Or maybe that's an unlucky idea. Another day.