Saturday, November 10, 2012


Tonight (per Zach's request. I'll blame him) we conducted an experiment: It was Hamburger Helper.  With Morningstar crumblers of course. I thought there was a chance it could be ok.  I mean, we're good friends with kraft mac & cheese and that's along the same vein, right?  Zach had never had Hamburger Helper.  I don't know if I have either but now I'm feeling like I would've remembered this.  Because it was terrible.  I mean, So. Bad.  Noodle-like food product in salt sauce.  I'm feeling like I might be scarred by this.  I can't believe Americans eat this.  Seriously?  This is from Betty Crocker.  I'm really depressed.

Maybe I can make things right soon with the new casserole dish I just bought.  A casserole dish is one thing I kind of expected to get for our wedding but didn't.  And now I'm feeling glad, because this meant I got to dig around on ebay for a happy looking one that evokes some memories.  Look at the box it came in!

Also, I just got this 1977 JC Penny Xmas catalog.  

I know I'll get $10 worth of entertainment out of it, but dang, ebay is dangerous.

Oh no.  I just wrote a blog about Hamburger Helper, casserole dishes & JC Penny catalogs.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Excited for holidays.  Wanting comfort.  Like new socks and sweaters kinds of comfort.  And snow.  I'm really excited for snow.

Wishing I could teleport everyone to one location for Thanksgiving.   It's not working out that way.  Why does everyone have to be so dang far apart?    Why don't I have 5 bedrooms to put everyone up in?  Oh yeah.  Those reasons.   All my decisions.  I get it.  Still time to change if I'm not living the way I want to.