Thursday, March 1, 2012

The big news

Again, thanks Oprah.  I'm gonna need some reminding now and then, so I'm glad you're on my google home page everyday saying things like this.

I got a new job.   Well, a promotion to go do different things, but technically at the same "job" with the same company.  Some of the same people.  Lots of new people.  It feels... I can't tell you with 100% confidence how I feel about it.  I'm excited to finally be doing something new, even if it isn't my dream job.   But this could be a step to get there.  When ever I figure out what said dream job is.  This will keep me plenty busy until that day.

And I'm terrified.   New things are always scary.  Can't wait to get in and understand what the heck I'm going to be doing.  And what I even have to be afraid of.  Or not.

I never thought this day would come.

Now I have 30 days of support from my predecessor, and 60 days to cut the umbilical cord on my successor.   And keep the plates spinning in the right direction.

I have a feeling March & April are going to be a blur of nothing but work.   

But... by the time that's done, it will be time to start planting flowers on my deck.   This year I say we go back to yellow flowers.  I've missed them. This will be a year of yellow & purple impatients.  And veggie grilling on the back deck on Fridays with friends.  It will. You'll see.