Monday, September 19, 2011

I would like a hammock too

Squiggy is doing good. Given the fact that Zach and I are still mourning the loss of our dog and we're really probably overdue to start a human family, this fish SHOULD be good. He gets an inappropriate amount of our time & disposable income. Last night we went to two different pet stores looking for the perfect stuff for him. So far he's really digging his leaf hammock. Here's a video showing how a betta leaf hammock works:

From what I understand, in the wild they like to rest on plants near the surface of little puddles, and this kind of simulates that. And he actually really likes it. As soon as we put it in his tank he swam over and sat on it. I feel like he's doing a trick for us and so I squeal and clap my hands for him. I am officially maintaining the most boring blog ever.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

new fish

We got a new fish. I think his name is Squiggy but I'm not sure. He's sitting in his plastic cup on the table next to the tank that was meant for Sushy. We're waiting a bit so his water temperature can change. Petco is much colder than the inside of our house. Nervous.

Friday, September 2, 2011

short lived

Zach brought home a fish today. He was used in a photo shoot at work a couple days ago, but apparently he hadn't been doing too well. We were very excited after work and went to the pet store and bought him $60 (that's more than a fish could ever earn in it's lifetime, I'm positive) worth of supplies and medicine. A new home, some live plants, some rocks, all that. We got everything all set up and were prepared to let his new little tank "normalize" for the next 24 hrs before he could move in... (you see me writing in past tense here?)

...and he died.

Poor dude. This is upsetting. Having sick pets is always upsetting. Even when you've only had the pet for an hour. Apparently I will go to decent lengths to save pets. I even walked an extra 15 minutes carrying heavy stuff in 90 degree heat to go get him a frozen pea from the grocery store. (You see, we suspected he was bloated because he had been fed too much. This makes fish constipated, and they sometimes float sideways. On the internet they prescribe mashed up frozen peas for fish, to get them regulated and pooping again). But I guess we were too late.

I think.

See, sometimes fish, they play dead, and then they start swimming again. I'm pretty sure he's dead, but I can't bring myself to flush him until I know for sure, so I'll check on him again after breakfast tomorrow. I am hopeful.

Dang, Sushy. I thought you were gonna be our new little buddy.

Now what do we do?

This is a dollhouse. No, really!
Here are some more.