Friday, June 22, 2007

dig wayy wayy into your cache memory....

This just in: Jewel Osco sells VERNORS!

Do you know what that means?

ants555ants: guess what I'm making tonight
ants555ants: boston coolers!
ants555ants: remember those?
ants555ants: vernors & ice cream all blended up
ablon kralovec: mmmmmmmmmm
ants555ants: like from Dairy Queen?
ants555ants: Jewel sells Vernors!
ants555ants: i bought a case
ablon kralovec: woah
ablon kralovec: nice!
ants555ants: but i'm supremely bummed to find out that boston cooler is a slang for a dirty thing
ants555ants: one of my coworkers came up and was like "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!"
ants555ants: on wikipedia
ants555ants: and I had to explain boston cooler
ants555ants: and he was like "you know that's something ELSE right?"
ants555ants: so sad
ablon kralovec: its somethign dirty?
ablon kralovec: i'll look....
ants555ants: urban dictionary told me what the dirty thing is
ablon kralovec: wtf?!?!?
ablon kralovec: my childhood is tarnished
ants555ants: i know
ants555ants: mine too

Anyhow, once you get over that, who wants to come over to our house this weekend to make proper boston coolers and watch cable? We even got a blender to make them more authentic.

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  1. You know people just make those things up on Urban Dictionary. They basically take anything that sounds remotely like "Cleveland Steamer" and make up a vulgar explanation for it.

    Of course I thought "Cleveland Steamer" was something like a Philly Cheese Steak until maybe last year.