Sunday, June 3, 2007

Happy Half Birfdang ZB!

Today for Z's half birthday (30.5) I took him out for surprise mashed potato pizza @ Piece and then a trip to the Chicago History Museum. Inside the museum we saw Lincoln's deathbed, some ancient bloody bandages and a tuft of his hair. On the same floor was an exhibit of a modern low rider. Upstairs there were diaramas of the fire and real tools used in the stock yards.

Outside the museum we saw bunnies and a garden.

Then we walked most of the way home, stopping for Italian sodas (Vanilla Italian sodas are the way to go this summer. Sort of like Boston Coolers but not as good. And a sort of exotic alternative to iced coffee for those of us who've recently become paranoid about developing addictions to anything) before it started to rain on us.

Now we're doing laundry and that doesn't really offer much worth taking photos of. Videos, perhaps, but still photos, no.

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