Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Some appreciation for our comic relief

Today is Barry's birthday. He thinks we've all but forgotten about him, but we're taking him out at 4:00 for beers.

Come to think of it, I'm really asking for it considering my next birthday is a milestone. It's a good thing we're all contractors and could be kicked out on our rears at a moment's notice. Maybe I'll escape the humiliation of a milestone birthday.

ps - Right now he's telling me a story about how back in the mountains one of his cousins found a neighbor who'd hung himself from a tree, and his cousin proceeded to revive the man with a car battery. Now he's telling me about the snowy egret's mating rituals. I bet I could make a blog of just Barry stories.

(For anyone just tuning in, Barry is my next door neighbor in the cubicles)

ppss - he drove all over town with that sign on his car and didn't notice it until after he'd gotten to work this morning. That, friends, is success!

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