Sunday, July 22, 2007

keeping busy

Even if with a whole lot of nothing. This morning at breakfast I made a to-do list on my my placemat.

I'd never been to Berwyn before and so we went on a field trip. All I knew of Berwyn is that it has those cars on a stick that, if memory serves me, were shown for a split sec in Waynes World. And I thought maybe Svengoolie came from Berwyn, but I still don't know.

It's probably got all that and then some but one Sunday isn't enough to fully understand, I'm sure. We spent the morning going in and out of open houses (big old houses with amazing & swanky basements that haven't been touched since 63) sort of half pretending we were shopping.

It's a real sleepy & pleasant place, that Berwyn. To my surprise. If not full of heshers. It's nice to know that if it's your thing, you can actually afford to own a n octoganal front bungalow with a swanky basement that hasn't been touched since 63, on a quiet & well-kept street. Only 15 minutes from our current neighborhood.

And duh, cars on a stick! Totally made my day.


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I just had to look Berwyn up on wikipedia and did you know that the car spindle is going to be replaced by a Walgreen's??? That's crap even if they are going to relocate it. They should relocate the stupid Walgreen's. Anyway, I was also impressed about the world's largest laundry mat being there and the solar energy they use for hot water. You should move to Berwyn.


  2. How much they want for one of them bungalows? I need a house. Like effing NOW. Condos sucks.

  3. You could make an even trade from your place. And then some. No joke. It was pretty amazing from what we saw. Look up Berwyn on

    You might poop.

    Find the open houses on the trib on line.