Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Feel like I havent slept in days. Though I have. I really have.

Been riding the train. Riding the train allows for a lot of reading and daydreaming. And that is cool. Maybe eventually I'll get creative.

Today we ran out of dog food. Because I leave my car out here in the burbs when I ride the train, today I'll be riding the train home reading Isaac Asimov with a big bag of kibble in my lap. And, I don't know. Maybe that might stir someone's imagination.

Power to them.

A few hours ago I ate sushi from Target Greatland. Just so you know. I'm not dead yet.


This week is maybe haircut time for Zach and I. If he's been able to set up a time for us, I just may go for the Suri Cruise. And then if I could just get her fashion down, this fall will be tight.

I know. You might think I'm kidding.

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