Friday, September 21, 2007

I've not been blogging.
I've been busy I guess.

They let my boss go at work. So now I have his busy. And my own busy. And the whole ordeal is a little saddening, but... sigh.

And yesterday morning I fainted at the train station & bit it & got bad boo boos & spent the morning at the doctor's office. And now I'm sore and embarrassed and bandaged and have had to re-tell the story 30 times.

And, but, last night Zach and I went to dinner at Green Zebra! All the portions are laughably small but so so great and savory. And you may spend your whole night and your whole allowance there but you leave feeling so so satiated. I've wanted to do that forevers.

I lurve him. <3


  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Oh man, what did you get!!?? That place sounds divine! DIVINE!

    (and holy cow, fainting?)


  2. Ooh I did not answer! I got a baby beet salad with whipped horseradish, and a poached egg with smoked potato puree underneath (garnished with a potato chip - no joke), and then a white truffle rissoto which made me soo sooo happy. Omg maybe you and I can save up our monies and go back there on a girl date some day! That is, if Eric isn't into dropping monies on vege faire.

  3. oh and we figgered out that my fainting was due to dehydration. Too much coffee. Not enough water. I feel foolish, but my wounds are healing nicely.

  4. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Well, geez...I've been waiting for days and days for you to tell me what you ate at the restaurant. I am so glad you finally did!!!! I am very excited. I immediately sent the link of that restaurant to Eric (he was away when you posted the entry) because I was so excited about it. And girl date totally...Eric is 99% vegetarian now (he only eats meat by accident now and instead of being like me (who would spit out the offending meat piece and then have a spaz attack), he just kind of chokes it all down. (and anyway, Eric will drop money on ANYTHING.) AND...furthermore...I should have a job by December 1, so I'll be rolling in dough. (well, I'll have actual money for once.) So girl date, totally. Very exciting. Are there enough parenthesis in this comment for you?

    And I figured it was dehydration. I looked it all up. That must have been one freaky morning.