Saturday, March 15, 2008

Love Songs

Five+ shows went on sale and five+ shows sold out. Fortunately I got my tickets before the latter happened. I feel like we're going to see Hannah Montana but no, much better. Today is Magnetic Fields day! Finally! What a great way to celebrate my "new" job! The venue is right by Tank sushi so we can go get tempura goat cheese with walnuts salad before the show.

Stephin Merritt is a song writing machine. I'm expecting/hoping to be completely inspired by the time I get home.

Here's a funny video of his stint with NPR - taking them up on the challenge of writing a song in two days. He's such a funny little grumpybear of a man in his monochromatic brown outfit. So un-amuseable yet utterly amusing:


Hoping we can avoid all St. Pats day drunks. For that reason this is usually my least favorite weekend of every year.....

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