Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Right now
Waiting for nails to try. Watching puppies on Animal Planet. Zach fell asleep on the couch during the news and is now missing the puppies. Should I wake him up? Nah. I mean we watch puppies on tv all the time. But these puppies are dang cute. Still, these little moments of coziness & quiet are maybe more valuable.

a few hours earlier
Tonight I made baby bok choy for the first time. Not quite right, but not too far off I guess. Better luck next time. I'm thinking the correct combo is just oil & salt, with the soy sauce added after the fact. But what type of oil?

and an hour or so before that
I've been really into walking to and from the metra train these days. It's only a little over a 30 minute walk, but it's a nice transition for work brain to not-work brain. The weather's perfect but it's going to take me a while to get used the pollution. The sidewalks along the main streets are always filthy, and the first leg of the walk in the afternoon has you under giant overpasses where the air is probably 70% exhaust fumes.

in about four months' time
About 25 friends from college are planning a Labor Day camping trip in Michigan. I kind of cant wait for some fresh air and lightening bugs. Yet anxious to see all these people again. Not sure what the root of my issues are, but I pretty much assume that people I've lost touch with - yeah, I assume they don't like me. Issues. I know. We all have them.

about two hours from now
...I'll most likely still be laying awake watching the streetlight on the corner changing the colors on my bedroom wall, thinking about grade school, the lottery, balloons, movies in the park, idealism, weight loss, nutrition, maybe some the vast majority of things I own only for their sentimental value, and maybe the fact that I probably am not prepared, emotionally, to admit that I'm only holding on to these things for this reason at this point in my life.

I'm gonna go put The Big Chill at the top of my Netflix queue.

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  1. Might you add to the "to-do, not-to-do, will-do, should-do list"....HELICOPTER PICTURES, PLEASE? Thank you! *~