Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hello. It's Tuesday night. It's technically bedtime but I'm not quite ready to commit to that just yet. Messing with my dietary habits and I've got an uneasy feeling that I haven't gotten my nutrients right yet for the day. Protein, check. Calcium, check. Fiber - does a bag of salad contain much fiber? What about whole grain bread? Also worried I might be giving myself gas.


Whatever I was writing about seems trivial after the scooter accident that just occurred on the street below our apartment. The flashing lights of fire trucks and ambulances can instantly quiet a city street at night. Seems everyone's going to be okay.


I finished the Of Mice and Men audio book on my way home from work today. And then I sat in my car in crawling traffic, sobbing for a good half hour. Folks in cars next to me ought to have thought I was nuts. Or going through a breakup. Or was maybe really really ill prepared for Chicago traffic. Now I just have a headache.

Glad I didn't know that John Malkovich was cast as Lennie in the film. It might've been harder to muster up that reaction otherwise. I just... Hm.

Every book I've been reading lately ends up being about suicide or death of some other sort in the end.

I do, however, like that when you run a google image search on the title this picture comes up:

Great, right?

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