Monday, September 8, 2008

camera obscura save me from inappropriate outbursts

ants555ants: i'm having a hard time holding my temper today.
ants555ants: i have cute music blasting in my headphones to try to counteract my bad attitude.
orinbnork: hehe
ants555ants: someone has a candy dish out on the cabinet by my cube
ants555ants: my back is to it
ants555ants: and all day
ants555ants: every day
ants555ants: i hear people rummaging through it, looking for a particular kind of candy
orinbnork: that sucks
ants555ants: and I want to turn around and cuss them out for being so annoying and piggy
ants555ants: like "just effing take one!"
orinbnork: why don't you hide the dish?
ants555ants: because it's walt's dish
ants555ants: he refills it every morning
orinbnork: you should start eating all of the candy every morning

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