Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tonight I went and got some cavities fixed at the dentist. They ended up having to give me six shots - one of which was in the roof of my mouth - and that, my friends, is not fun. Now it's 10:00 at night and my nose and left eye are still numb. I keep hurting myself. It sucks.

It also kind of sucks that they have televisions in front of each patient chair and today they chose to show me Sex & the City - the movie. Not that that sucks, but it does totally suck to listen to people "doing it" all over the tv while your teeth are being drilled. Why not make an uncomfortable moment even more uncomfortable?

Man, last time I went there they had me watching Arrested Development. That's not bad, but the dentist just happened to pause the dvd to talk to me right when Kitty was flashing her boobs at what's his name. Maybe if it were someone else it would've just been funny, but for me it was both funny and awkward, because the woman who plays Kitty happens to be someone who went to my high school in real life. Ugh.

Nice boobs, Judy. I saw them at the dentist office the other day.

I want the left side of my face back. Like soon.

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