Friday, November 21, 2008

So it's a good thing this house thing isn't gonna happen for a little while, because it takes a whole lotta research & preparation. Now can I relax?

Apparently not.

The spring on our garage door broke Wednesday morning. As a result I have to park on the street for a day or so while it gets fixed. Already, someone smashed my passenger window as the car sat in front of our house yesterday. Really nice. Right?

But tonight while I'm picking glass out of the seat crevices with freezing fingers, I'm gonna remember to feel fortunate that I have the money to fix it. And I'm glad I had the money to straight up purchase a replacement gps for $130 on ebay last night. Had we purchased something like the house in the last picture I posted, I'd probably be saving up change before I could do all that.

And fortunately I have renters insurance which will cover anything stolen from the car. How that relates to your rental property I have no idea, but I won't complain. And fortunately my car is just barely still under warranty - which might get me something for the fact that the car alarm failed. And fortunately my Z is great and attentive as always and gave me hugs and found some places to get the window fixed.

Despite my bad luck this week, I'm a really lucky girl over all.

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  1. bogus!
    i guess last night someone got shot and killed a block from my place, so a broken window ain't half bad.