Monday, November 3, 2008

So, you know, I'm feeling pretty emotional as is.

Then on the drive home tonight traffic slowed to a crawl. Flashing lights of the minute men and police cars seem to slow time down to an equal pace in the dark. When I finally made my way up the procession I saw a man violently pulling on the legs of a deer that had been pinned under the frame of a sparkling Audi. Immediately beyond this, traffic picked up to a regular freeway pace and I drove in silence south toward the city with tears in my eyes.

And now the sad grandpa is pulling on my heart strings. Even though I unsubscribed from his mailing list three years ago, tonight he sent me an email asking one last time for my vote. Funny enough, it started out: "My friend, from the time I entered blah blah blah..."

Oh John. In the past I've been so excited about you. You've made so much sense and you've made so many enemies in awesome ways. I've admired your fiscal conservatism. I was totally excited about your efforts to cut the crap with regard to campaign finance (what ever happened to that?) and general ridiculous government spending. I was really excited when you and Kerry were working together on fuel economy standards before the green wave even hit. And in general, I always really liked listening to you speak.

But then you became a candidate. I thought that was what I always wanted, but you are not so much the McCain I've been following for the past eight years. You've become a device, regurgitating the catch phrases of your party's campaign. Of course so has Obama. And this is why those "debates" had me fuming. I know neither of you stand behind everything you're saying now. As if that could've helped anyone get to know either of you better. As if either of you were actually saying anything at all.

Seriously, I think I tripled my workout each night you two got up and spit rehearsed lines at one another on the televisions at the gym. Like if I pushed hard enough I could've run away from the insults of modern general election politics.

And then you chose her.
I find this to be unforgivable.

I am really unhappy and worried tonight. Even though I'm well aware that in my district it doesn't matter what I finally do.

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