Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On a lighter note

stringbot (11:28:58 AM): omg what is the music on this bulldog puppy video
ants555ants (11:29:09 AM): uh. i dunno.
ants555ants (11:29:13 AM): it's not BAD though
stringbot (11:29:27 AM): um it has panflutes in it
stringbot (11:29:34 AM): by definition that is bad
ants555ants (11:29:38 AM): but panflutes kind of go with those puppies
stringbot (11:29:49 AM): i don't even know you anymore
ants555ants (11:29:57 AM): hahaha
ants555ants (11:30:03 AM): i can forgive!
stringbot (11:30:15 AM): you just went from saying you want jesus lizard tickets to "panflutes kind of go with those puppies" in like 5 lines



  1. wow, i really hate that music

  2. I actually don't mind it. Especially when you consider the fact that it's Japanese pop music. Somehow, that makes the panflute forgivable.