Monday, August 24, 2009

Need a cheap apartment?

We're trying to find a renter to take over our apartment. It's too good of a deal to just sick craigslist on it before first offering it to our friends, so:

More pictures here <-----

- $800 +$50 for the garage
- 1750 Augusta @ Wood
- Available Nov 1st but you'd probably be able to start moving in a week or so before that.
- close to Division blue line stop
- equally close to Chicago bus
- close to I-94
- cat & dog friendly. Probably not for multiple dogs though. That would be pushing it.
- Building has 4 new coin operated commercial washers & 4 new dryers in the basement.

This place is best suited for a couple or a single person. Not really for 2 single people because the bathroom is attached to the larger bedroom, creating kind of a master suite, which has been awesome. 2nd bedroom becomes a guest bedroom / office. It's been really terrific for us for the past four years, but we've bought a place of our own. The landlords have been great and responsive over the years, so we're trying to help them find someone respectful & responsible to take our spot.

Also, if you're interested we'll leave:
- 2 window air conditioners
- the big bamboo rug
- dining room table & chairs
- the ikea wardrobe in the kitchen (it's kind of perfect for the spot it's in)
- all the curtains & blinds
- the spider plant that hangs in the living room (it's just real happy there)
- probably some other things, come to think of it

We'll be posting it on Craigslist Sept 15th and we expect it'll go pretty quickly, so if you or someone you know might be interested let us know asap & you can swing by to take a look at it. Thanks!

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  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    If you don't find a responsible person to take over the spider plant where it is, I'll take it! All plants are happy in my windows (look at the aloe you gave me).