Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am home alone in the new house for the very first time right now. It's a strange feeling. Like maybe I should check to see that someone isn't hiding upstairs. The dog isn't even here. She's still in Michigan with Gramma because we haven't had time to drive back to get her after our own vacation last weekend. We really really need a local dog sitter.

I'm stinking up the place with a sauteed cabbage thing I'm cooking. And I'm so allergic to raw vegetables these days that my hands are swollen and itchy from chopping up the cabbage. I really got screwed with these food allergies. Know what I especially miss? Banana bread.

NPR is playing some great stories and interviews for veterans day. Interviews with Navajo code talkers and things.

God I can't get this dishwasher thing right. I just forgot and washed all my cooking dishes by hand.

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  1. Hey, This is Scott - a.k.a. 'asa_dachi' from livejournal. Remember me?!

    Long story, but I was just poking around my old lj tonight and through a link from a link to another link I wound up back at your place.

    Figured I'd say 'Hi!' In particular, I wanted to mention that my wife (?! I know, right?) got several of us the NPR CD of driveway stories, I think it was, for Christmas. I haven't opened mine yet, I admit. I should probably burn it to iTunes...

    I got her lots of baby stuff (?
    !? What what?) cause we're expecting a baby boy somewhere around or about June 1st.

    Say hello sometime! Scott McMichael on facebook, or whatever.

    P.S. - going back on track at the 1/4 mile dirt oval this summer... the new car looks great. You guys should come check it out some time. It's not the demolition derby, but it's pretty cool. We'll probably also try to go to the NASCAR days cruise-in in Joliet like we did so many moons ago.