Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goldfish brain.

I swear, I have the stupids today. And yesterday apparently.

Multiple times today I either called people to ask them the same questions twice, or just blanked on a conversation and told someone I didn't have an answer that, yes, I had been given. At about noon today a vendor called me and I got so excited, thinking "Whoa, he must be psychic - I actually need something from him! How did he know I needed to talk to him?" When I picked up the phone he said "Hey so I got the email you just sent me....." ??? How can I forget sending an email I had sent WITHIN THE HOUR? Seriously. Embarrassing.

And then it continues into the night.

I'm at home now. I just sat down to write an email to a friend to invite her over this weekend and when I filed through the gmail message threads, would you look at that - less than 24 hours ago I sent her a note just like the one I was drafting in my head. Thank God for email threads or I would've made yet another ass of myself.

: (

Either I'm too busy or I have some other issue. I'm too young for Alzheimer's, right?

I hope I only fed the dog once tonight.

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