Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Februaries are always long and dark. This one in particular has overwhelmed us with grownup problems. Money is nothing because money will come back some day. But the kind of grown up problems that hurt your feelings, lay off your friends at work, kill projects that you'd really cared about, take up your personal savings for what would have been good things, and kill your dog... those are the doozeys.

But the world is churning out its demands as always. Moreover, I've got my hand in so many things that none of them are making progress. Nothing is moving forward. And this feels awful. It's got to stop. But I need help figuring out how. These are days when I really really really miss my little buddy. I know she wouldn't have the answers I need, but tonight I would have come home and held her and rocked back and forth until the shouting in my head had stopped. And she would have been happy about it.

I want to know when I'll start to feel a little peace again.

Here's a picture of the back of a Queen Anne's lace I picked this summer while waiting in a Meijers Parking lot to see some hot air balloons float over.

Queen anne's lace is my favorite flower..


  1. hey, you commented on my clothing blog on that dress! I did use a pattern--two of them, and put them together, top and bottom, altering the neck line of the top to be a boat neck. unfortunately I can't remember the patterns i used, they are all packed away! cute blog by the way.

  2. Mothra*~6:41 PM

    Queen Anne's Lace...sweet that we share a favorite flower, a favorite number (5) and a favorite Zachary. xo*~