Thursday, June 2, 2011

waiting my turn

I got my wish and I am in charge of the plants this year. I forgot to check on them this morning. My bad.

But I'm still feeling like I'm missing something.

Maybe it's because I spend 8 waking hours sitting at a desk in a windowless building under flourescent lighting. And then I spend another 3 or 4 hours sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. And arrive home to my house on a street in the city with no trees or grass medians. But dang, I just want to touch a tree. I want to walk on some grass with bare feet after work. I want one of those guns that goes on the end of your garden hose and lets you make misty rainbows. I want to ride my bike on a sidewalk.

More than ever, I really just want to move to the suburbs and recreate the life my parents made for me as a kid. I don't know why that seems so far off. 4 or so more years of living in the city and it'll be done. I'm not alone now, and my other half is not ready to move out of the city just yet. Admittedly, he's got a pretty sweet commute with our current situation.

But if I were alone in life I would've moved to a place in the burbs with a yard long ago. And maybe it's for the better that life worked out this way, because the idea of me living alone in the burbs in my late 20's is really quite depressing. But when I do finally get there in my late 30's with a little family in tow, it'll seem like all that much more of a relief.

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  1. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Although I would DIE if I lived in the city and had no grass or trees or quiet garden space in which to sit and read and drink wine...I think you might want to think about your job situation and enjoy your last four years of city life. (because I know you DO like city life and it would be too bad if you couldn't enjoy the last years you have there) Really, three or four hours of commute is WAY too much. Nobody can have a life like that. Surely you can find something else. Right? Your time, especially RIGHT NOW, is far more precious than any job.