Saturday, September 3, 2011

new fish

We got a new fish. I think his name is Squiggy but I'm not sure. He's sitting in his plastic cup on the table next to the tank that was meant for Sushy. We're waiting a bit so his water temperature can change. Petco is much colder than the inside of our house. Nervous.

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  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I am super happy to hear this! Here are a couple of the fish lessons I have learned...

    -aquarium salt is necessary. you can buy all the water additives in the world but the aquarium salt is the only thing that really works.

    -constant temperature is very very important. keep your fish in a spot that will always be the same temp. I now keep mine in the bathroom because that is the only room that stays the same all year long.

    -keep antibiotics on hand always. Also, always keep extra water that is ready to go. I keep a gallon container in the bathroom so there is always water ready to use if I have to do an emergency tank cleaning. (which actually has occured on more than one occasion. Once I accidently dropped an open bottle of facial cleanser in a bowl, another time the bowl sprung a leak, another time I sprayed air freshener and it only occured to me that it was poison to the fish after I noticed the fish acting a little weird and noticed a film on top of his water.)

    -a turkey baster makes a really good daily cleaner. I suck out nasties every other day or helps to keep entire bowl cleaning to a minimum.

    Good luck! I'm glad you gave a fishy a home!