Thursday, December 15, 2011

aww snowflake

I donated some money to help this poor little girl last week.

snowflake's story on petfinder <------

And today I got a thank you card with 2 photos of her in the mail! Seriously - two of the cutest pictures of this silly thing laying with her belly exposed. Little feet up in the air. They say she's getting better. She still sleeps a lot but that she got out and played in the snow last week!

The card makes me so happy I want to do a little dance when I walk by it.

Dog rescue community once again redeems itself. : )


  1. Could Snowflake be your new baby? She's adorable and I'll bet her healthy personality will be a lot like Willie. You'd look good as her mommy!!!!

  2. Snowflake isn't quite ready to move into a home yet. She sure is cute, right?