Wednesday, January 18, 2012

clocking out

Whaaah....  Just finished working.  And it's past my bedtime.  I don't think I walked more than half a block today.  Sure I'm feeling a little sorry for myself but I can't feel too bad, because Zach's got it worse.  He's probably not even gonna go to bed tonight.  

And everything is relative.  At least our jobs just consist of typing things & moving boxes around on screens. And the jobs could potentially get better if people act more intelligently.  I could look around & point out 60 other jobs that are worse than these.  Like the traffic directors standing in the middle of the busy, icy intersections during rush hour today.  Or the people on farms who have to artificially inseminate cows.  You know what I mean.

Oh oh!  We booked a vacation for the end of February.  We're going to St. Croix, where there are no telephones or computers or snow.  I almost can't believe it.

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