Monday, January 2, 2012


Dear friends, if you think you need a new winter coat, you should go to Macys within the next couple days. As they are every January, all the winter coats are on super sale. A sea of coats and coats and coats, all at least 50% off. It's really exciting. I've been without a long puffy down coat for a while now, since my last one committed zipper suicide on the train that one time. But today I finally got a new one. For $100. The original price was $300! That makes all the difference to me when I find things on sale - the original sticker price. I love to think of what I would have had to pay for the thing if I'd gone shopping back in October.

Anyhow, I find that good winter gear makes life so much better. I'm gonna go test out my new coat with dog walking duty.

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