Monday, February 6, 2012

dog prozac

Last week Toni destroyed the plastic bottom in her crate.  Then we put her bed in there, and she tore that up.  Now she has to sit on metal wires inside the crate.   That didn't seem nice, so we went to Kmart yesterday & got her a nice tall baby gate thinking maybe she could just chill in the hallway.  But that's not what happened.  Instead she jumped the gate, tore up the garbage, knocked everything off the night stand & peed on our bed.

It's a good thing she's really cute.  If it weren't for the pee on the bed I'd just think today's destruction was cute.

Hooray.  We are experts in dog separation anxiety.  Why the hell wouldn't we end up with another one?

Did I mention she's really cute?


  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    So what would happen if you just closed the bedroom doors and let her be free for the day? I am not a dog expert or even close to it but I've never thought that dogs who were crated or restricted could be very happy. Maybe it would be worth a try? Maybe cover the couch to be safe?


  2. I want to get to that point. she sure made a trail of destruction in the house when she ran free on Monday.

    My main worry is for her safety. She goes nuts and eats things and destroys things. I worry that she'll hurt herself or eat something that will make her sick. Or she could destroy something irreparable. She could knock over Squiggy. Or, as fast as she tore the stuffing out of her bed, she could do it to our couch. That would be bad.

    This weekend Im going to hunt for heavy blankets to protect the couches and we'll test her for 30min at a time.

  3. How about 2 baby gates--one on top of the other to make it too high for her to jump over? I know, I'm trying.