Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter

Good Friday is about the only day of the year that I have off work that Zach does not.  Usually I hang out at home with the dog.   Sometimes we go visit Zach at work.   This year I walked around the neighborhood a little and went to get falafil.  It's weird to see what the world does during the day when you're at work.  

2 years ago I took a picture pretty much exactly like this of Fannie.  My little Good Friday lamb.   I can't seem to find that picture now.  It's probably locked up in my old facebook account.  This reminds me I need to organize & back up files & pictures.  Or some day I'll regret it.

Look what I made this morning:
Horseradish & black pepper deviled eggs for the annual potluck at Dawns.   Fancy!

Also, my brother mailed me a Cadbury Egg.   Another sort of tradition...

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