Sunday, December 8, 2013

Not a creature was stirring

I've been bad a writing lately and I feel like now is the most important time ever to be doing it.  I really should be taking these quiet moments to document what I'm thinking, and what life is like for us right now. Because from what I understand, I won't have the time to do these things later and I know that once Lenny is here our lives will never be the same.  So I'll work on that.

In the meantime, I've started an email address for the baby. It's his firstnamelastname at  This will be handy for a couple reasons.  #1 - When he eventually needs an email address he won't need to be  So that will be pretty cool.  (assuming gmail is still around).  And #2, in the meantime I can use it to document things for him.  I can send him pictures of his birthday and holidays and normal days, and tell him little stories about things he says and does along the way.  It will be a virtual baby book of sorts and it can never get lost or destroyed in a fire or flood. 

So I kicked it off this afternoon with this little note to him:

Hello Baby,
I realize that by the time you read these emails you won't be a baby, but as of right now you definitely are. Today is December 8, 2013. It's a Sunday afternoon and the first big snow is falling outside.  Our house is so quiet.  All you can hear is the clock ticking. Your dad and our little dog Toni are each napping on separate couches. I will attach some pictures of this for you. 

You actually aren't here yet. You are currently bunched up on the right side of my belly under my rib cage. For some reason you seem to like it over there better than the left side or the middle. You kind of make my belly look funny this way. I feel a hard spot on the right side, which I'm not sure is your head or your little butt. Regardless, I like to pat it and hope it doesn't bother you. You're getting awfully crowded in my belly and you still have 2 more months to go!  Next week we will be going to have an ultrasound to see how big you are. We're thinking you are a big boy. I would not be surprised if you are 10lbs when you're born. Your dad was also a big boy at 9 lbs. Either way, I know that you are STRONG! I already feel you push with all your might on my insides like you're trying to get out through my belly button. I sense you're a little frustrated but you will be out soon enough and you'll be able to stretch and kick as much as you want then.  Until then it's probably best that you stay put because brrr... it's really cold out here today.

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