Tuesday, August 7, 2007

funny story

Last night I dreamed I was in our old back yard (clue #1 - you are dreaming)
playing football with my mom (clue #2 - you are dreaming).

As she held the ball in place for me to kick, Charlie Brown style, I wound up...

...and kicked my dog who was sleeping at my feet on the bed.



Another funny story, but this time weird-funny, not so haha funny:

I pass a cemetery every day on the way to work. I've passed it every morning for the past year or so & I've always been meaning to stop because cemeteries are nice. I'd always thought I'd stop in the afternoon on my way home from work, but this morning, for some reason, I stopped. I got out & admired the morning mist, walked through the big old trees, the ancient looking stone blocks with the writing worn off and sticking up out of the ground like crooked baby teeth. Watched a bee land on some fake flowers. And the first stone I walked up to read

"William E Albach July 18 1929 - August 7 2006"

Which would be exactly one year ago today, which is interesting. Looking up Bill Albach. It appears he was a school bus driver. The reason I stopped today, well there must be a reason, although it isn't obvious to me. Not at all.

Existentialism can be stupid.

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  1. Perhaps you could use some existential consulting?


    (Can't link to an image, apparently.)

    -Scott (asa_dachi from lj)