Sunday, August 5, 2007

so proud

My little car is going to be famous! It's going to be in an Allstate ad about teen driving. Which is pretty funny to me because I've been informally collecting car insurance ads on teen driving for the past few months. Totally unrelated. As a sort of study. I have some from 1967, some from 2007... Not sure why I started setting them aside but I suppose I've wanted to lay them out side by side to see what I can learn about how marketing tries to create a sobering moment amidst ads for cologne & haircolor. Moreso, how marketing tries to bring attention to a serious topic without offending by pointing out how moronic young folk can be. It's always about a half page ad that reads like a public service announcement, throws in some shock, some statistics & ends with something along the lines of "we want you to live!"

This ramble isn't really going anywhere.

Okay but I have to point out that the oldest ad starts out:
"It may be beautiful to die for love in a poem, but it's ugly and stupid to die for love in a car. Yet how many times have you seen (or been) a couple more interested in passion than in passing?"
Um. Rarely, thank God. What kind of world did my parents grow up in? Making out while DRIVING??

I hope no one makes out in my car today.

New Topic
Annika looked fabulous this morning. You'd never know she's running on four hours of sleep and has been working nonstop. She's absolutely the type of person who should be working freelance & I'm not sure why I even secretly worried for her when she made the jump and went out on her own. She's got the energy, she's got the talent, & she's got the integrity. This has been such a life changing year for her & I love witnessing these kinds of things.

New Topic
What am I doing up at 7:00 on a Sunday morning? Not sure, but it's nice. I can't wait for Z to wake up so that I can make him pancakes. With mandarin oranges to make little faces with big ol lips on them.

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