Wednesday, August 1, 2007

i had a bad day today

They told us at work that they're letting Barry go at the end of August.
It's good for him because he can go back to his family.
But bad for me because he is my BFF at work.
And I just asked for a raise.

I'm not being told the entire truth.
For one reason or another.
White as lies may be, they diminish my trust.
I'm not asking them to promise me anything, so why do they keep promising me things?


Playing my guitar for the first time in a year and the intonation is off.

Dear Santa,

I would like for my guitar to be set up.
And three guitar lessons with Rockin' Billy down the street.
Cause guitars used to make me happy.
And I need some help remembering.

Zach got his hairs cut today and his head looks so teeny and his ears stick out so cute-like.


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