Thursday, May 22, 2008

Greetings from the land of personalized license plates. As long as I can remember, the people of Illinois have always been dorky like that. I thought maybe it was because in IL it's less expensive to get a personalized license plate. But waiting in line at the DMV the first time I found that theory to be wrong. Not that I'd get a personalized license plate for myself. Honest.

This morning I sat in traffic behind WRTAWY 2.
What is that? Like Wart Away? Isn't that a product? And could it be that this person was so impressed with the product that they had to proclaim it to the highway? Or maybe they had a hand in developing the product. Maybe they have a patent on it and this is how they define themselves. I'd expect someone of that brain power to drive a nicer car though... And the funnier part is that the "2" indicates to me that somewhere out there in Illinois there is a "WRTAWY 1" or even just "WRTAWY". Daang someone done beat me to it!!

Today is Thursday. I've just been saved by a scheduling conflict and now have 24 more hours to get impressive work done before a presentation to the boss man.
But the blowers are off in our office building and I'm feeling really uncomfortable about the lack of white noise. I've suddenly got bionic hearing and am having trouble focusing. I swear at this moment you could hear a mouse fart.

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