Monday, May 19, 2008

Okay so I'm not posting the helicopter pictures because I want to post the video shots with them. Meaning, on the same day. But when I strung the video shots together they were pretty boring. And so I decided it needed a little song. Because I don't have a suitable little song in my library I'll just make one, right?

This is the hard part. Not so much making the song. That's not the hard part. I pretty much wrote this little one in a matter of minutes. Songs just come out that way. Especially when they're little. And crappy. But now I have to learn to PLAY it. So is it the physical or mental capacity to play? I mean I'm surprisingly dexterous after having not played much of anything for 4+ years now. The hard part is how much it HURTS! I gots no callouses on my fingertips any more and dang if it doesn't feel like I stuck my fingers in a fire. I can only play for a few minutes at a time these days. It's pretty sad. I'm totally sloppy in my technique as well, but I figure while I'm working on toughening up my pinkies I'll get the rest all cleaned up through repetition.

If I really wanted to get it done, I'd have recorded it on the melodica or a keyboard forevers ago. But see, that's not the point.

Once I get it done I'll probably decide it sounds better on melodica anyhow. That's not the point either.

I used to spend exponentially more time playing with guitars than I ever spent watching television. This is getting closer to the point.

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  1. You certainly have a way, dear, of making certain your life is...and remains...complex! Love that about you~~~