Sunday, November 9, 2008

holy multi media weekend

We're bun-sitting this weekend. Let me add to the numerous videos of cute animals munching things on youtube:

Sorry Mom. That was you calling in and yeah, I did decide to defer your call. But, I mean, I was capturing a moment. He was about to finish his leaf!

Also, doing my duty as the youngest child and hippie of the family, I got to take my brother and his munchkins to an art show today.

The Exquisite City is a set of city blocks of Chicago (fantasy or otherwise) built out of cardboard. Each block is done by a different artist. I love things that show multiple people's take on the same thing. And this one is pretty unpretentious for the most part, so that is also great.

Today was a pretty nice day to go back because we had the entire place to ourselves and could hear the city soundtrack that went with the show. Here are some pictures our friend Jason took for the newspaper:

And here are four of my (much less profesh) photos:

J. Ryan's block (shown above with Lia) must be the most photographed of them all, even though it's one of the least complex. We spent a lot of time keeping the one-year-old from going godzilla on the city blocks that included little cars but it was fun.


  1. bunny video was so cute. i hate it that i can't help but go gahfhsd gah dsfh;ds over animal videos. they pull at me heart strings.

    we watch these cute animal cams at work:

    streaming puppy cam

    penguins at the CA academy of science

  2. Anonymous7:23 PM

    I understand - I didn't mean to interupt Bunny's din-din! Cool art show! Got any more like that? LU M