Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Plant trial early in the morning. I've been having trouble sleeping. Worrying about a whole lot of nothing. Everyone else over here is asleep. I should be sleeping.

Don't have a whole lot to say here today. Maybe I can dig around and find a photo for you. Give me a sec....

Here. Here are two snaps I took of the park outside the polling station on election day. It was a perfect day to take off work and appreciate the neighborhood.

I'm going to talk to a mortgage dude on Saturday morning. I sure hope we can afford to stay in this neighborhood. I suppose if not, well, then our little rental ain't all that bad, is it? Living in 700 sq ft is fun at times because it forces you to keep it real, and deters you from crap collecting for the most part. But dang it would just be so nice to have a real kitchen. And to have a bedroom just a little larger than 8ft in one dimension. And hm. to have heat in our bedroom. Yeah that would be super.

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