Monday, October 19, 2009

She hates the new place

In our new house. This is very hard. Dog makes it hard. Do you remember when we first got her and I actually considered giving her back because she lost her mind every time we left her alone? Well we're doing it all over again. Although at this point I'd rather give the condo back than the dog. We have to make this work. Today I had to leave work and come home because she wouldn't stop barking. Five hours straight she barked. I am so unhappy. Our new neighbors are probably equally unhappy. We've tried herbal things, diffusers, little devices that make an unpleasant sound every time she barks, and we tried skyping the dog from work. For the rest of the week we're paying $25 a day for freaking dog daycare, until the dog prozac can kick in. And if that doesn't work... I don't have a plan G.

Can anybody possibly dog sit on Saturday night so that we can go to a wedding?

This sucks. Sucks sucks sucks.


  1. She will get used to it. Give her lots of treats so she associates them with the condo. I would dogsit for you but I have to go to a wedding too!

  2. well... bring her maybe? not sure if the added trauma more travel would do any good, but she's welcome at our house.