Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The baby is here. Writing about the birth seems like a daunting task so I've been putting it off.  And the longer I put it off the further behind I get in writing about everything else.  How about this: I can tell you the birth was not fun. It was actually a nice experience for the first 12 hours but then things became kind of awful at the end and the result was a c section. And recovery from that made for a terrible and scary (in terms of mental health) first couple weeks. But I made it through with a ton of selfless around the clock support from zach and my mom. I would've cracked without them.  Maybe I'll be able to write more about it some day.  Until then, I'm happy with the end result. We have a perfect, healthy little dude. I'm recovering. I'm grateful for modern medicine. And I'm happy I'd already made up my mind to adopt #2 before we went into this. 

That said, baby!
This morning I caught the dog keeping watch over him while I was getting dressed and it melted my heart.

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